Tesla Receives Homologation Certification for 7 Vehicle Variants Testing on India’s Roads

Tesla Receives Homologation Certification for 7 Vehicle Variants Testing on India’s Roads

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Tesla has received homologation certification for launching three more variants of its vehicles on the roads of India. Thus, at the moment, the manufacturer can launch a total of seven vehicle variants in the country.

Tesla has received approval from local agencies to launch three more variants of its vehicles on Indian roads, according to The Hindu Business Line via @SawyerMerritt/Twitter. This means that Models 3 and Y, and possibly Models S and X in some versions, are approved for use in the country, although this does not oblige the manufacturer to immediately supply them to the local market.

Obtaining certification indicates that Tesla has passed the homologation phase for the three more models/variants for which it was seeking approval in India. Homologation is a process that confirms that a vehicle is fit for use and meets all the required criteria. This step is necessary to set the stage for the launch of sales there. Without approval from local agencies, vehicle access to the country's roads would have been impossible. This was another important milestone to launch Tesla car sales in India.

Tesla India Motors and Energy has received approvals for a total of seven variants of its vehicles, according to the Ministry of Roads and Highways, although specific models and variants have not been named. While the approval of the previous four variants strongly indicated that they were Model 3 and Y, which had already been repeatedly tested on Indian roads, for the three new variants it was impossible to make such a clear assumption. It is logical to assume that Tesla will start with the most affordable ones, though it would also be reasonable for the company to start by probing the market by delivering a number of more expensive models, such as Model S and X.

This approval does not mean that the company will immediately start selling cars in India. Tesla is currently seeking a reduction in duties from the government of the country, which means that it has not completed the implementation of its plans yet. According to the latest information, the Indian government may agree to lower duties on electric vehicles if the manufacturer fulfills certain conditions. At the moment, more specific information on this matter is not available.

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