Tesla Receives Loves & Supports From Australian Owners As The Most Trusted Brand

Tesla Receives Loves & Supports From Australian Owners As The Most Trusted Brand

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A leading research firm, Roy Morgan, conducted a study in Australia in which it tried to identify car manufacturers that Australian residents trust most. Tesla officially entered the Top 3 in a list of the Ten Most Trusted Automotive Brands in Australia for 2020.

Car Advice reports that according to automotive and transport data from Roy Morgan's annual Risk Report for 2020, Toyota ranks #1 in the list of the Ten Most Trusted Automotive Brands in Australia, Mazda #2 and Tesla #3. In total, more than 7000 people over 14 years old took part in the survey.

Toyota and Mazda regularly claim first place in the polls for reliability and customer sentiment, such as this one, but Tesla was a pleasant surprise. This indicates that the brand continues to gain strength in Australia.

Source: Car Advice

Last year, Tesla also entered the Top 10, taking 7th place. Then Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said in a statement that although Australia's car market is in its 20th month of decline, Tesla is keeping up with the trend and "appears to be shaping the future of the car industry."

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia)

In just a year, Tesla managed to rise to 4 positions, displacing Honda from 3rd place. Kia dropped out of the Top 10 most trusted brands from 2019 to 2020.

"Only two car manufacturers are distrusted overall: Volkswagen and Holden, a response to the former’s emissions scandal and the latter’s closing of Australian facilities," Roy Morgan said. Both brands were also distrusted in 2019.

"Poor quality product or service, dishonesty and unaffordability are the key themes for Australians who distrust brands in the automotive industry," Roy Morgan said.

According to other Roy Morgan data collected during the COVID-19 crisis, the auto industry was the fifth most reliable industry in the country, behind the retail sector in the first place, the supermarket sector in the second and the consumer goods in third place.

Overall, Roy Morgan found "more Australians trust brands in [the automotive and transport] industry than distrust these brands."

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