Tesla Sales In Germany Could Benefit With The Possible Extra 4,500 Euros Incentives

by Eva Fox June 01, 2020

Tesla Sales In Germany Could Benefit With The Possible Extra 4,500 Euros Incentives

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

The German Ministry of Economics has proposed an incentive program for more than 5 billion euros as part of a wider package of incentives to increase car sales, which should positively affect Tesla's sales.

The heads of the co-governing Social Democrats (SPD) and Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) are expected to present the overall stimulus package on Tuesday, which could total up to 80 billion euros, according to Automotive News Europe.

The economy ministry's proposal is that additional incentives worth a total of 4,500 euros can be introduced to buy an electric car worth up to 77,000 euros. The plans provide for a basic premium of 2,500 euros per car, which will be increased by 500 euros for economical cars. Existing incentive programs will be increased by 1,500 euros for electric vehicles and 750 euros for hybrids.

Source: Tesla

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y become a contender for receiving these incentives. This makes the company's cars more accessible to interested customers.

At the same time, some politicians want only electric vehicles to receive subsidies. "If the state subsidises (new cars), then that must go along with a change toward alternative engines. If discounts, then that must be for electric cars," Walter-Borjans said.

The states of various countries continue the policy of encouraging citizens to buy environmentally friendly cars, which undoubtedly greatly supports the development of all electric vehicle manufacturers, and above all Tesla, as a leader in their production.

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