Tesla Receives Order for 10 Semi Trucks from MHX Leasing LLC, Funded by MSRC

Tesla Receives Order for 10 Semi Trucks from MHX Leasing LLC, Funded by MSRC

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Electric trucks will completely change the trucking industry as they are the obvious choice for companies looking to reduce CO2 emissions. MHX Leasing LLC (MHX) ordered 10 Tesla Semi trucks and two Megachargers funded by The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee.

The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC) awarded MHX Leasing LLC (MHX) $1.9 million to deploy 10 Tesla Class 8 trucks, two Megachargers for them, and to help deploy two overhead electric cranes, said Build Momentum in a press release. The Momentum team has contributed to helping MHX develop projects and apply for funding.

MHX sought funding from the MSRC's Zero & Near-Zero-Emission Trucking-to-Warehouse, Distribution, & Intermodal Facilities in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties grant program to support the purchase and deployment of 10 battery-electric Class 8 Tesla Semis as a part of its efforts to electrify its fleet of trucks in the South Coast Air Quality Management District. To keep the trucks running, MHX will also buy two dedicated Megachargers for them and will install them at its MHX-Napa Fontana distribution facility in Fontana, California.

Electric trucks are a great alternative to diesel-powered trucks and even trains. Large companies are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, so they pay attention to how they deliver their goods. This forces companies to reconsider their views on the use of old diesel trucks and to seriously consider the possibility of buying electric trucks as soon as possible. Also, this step will help save a significant amount of money on refueling and car maintenance.

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