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Tesla Giga Berlin Is Now Installing Two Giga Presses at Once

Tesla Giga Berlin Is Now Installing Two Giga Presses at Once

Photos: Tobias Lindh's/YouTube

Not so long ago, it was noticed that Tesla began installing the first Giga Press at Gigafactory Berlin, and now a video shows that there are already two of them. Most recently, the company began installing a second Giga Press ahead of production, which is set to begin in a matter of months.

Tobias Lindh's/YouTube video shows that two Giga Presses are being installed in the Casting Shop at once. At the beginning of March, IDRA equipment arrived at the construction site and the installation of Giga Press began next to a tent, located in the far corner of the building. Now, in the place where the tent used to stand, the installation of another Giga Press has also begun. Judging from the photos, it seems that the progress of the assembly of the giant machines is slightly different, which corresponds to the different start times of their assembly.

Ultimately, the company will install eight Giga Presses for the Model Y's underbody castings. Since Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company will use a new battery architecture, the cars will need front and rear underbody castings. It seems that four machines from Giga Berlin will make the rear end and the other four will make the front end.

Having eight die casting machines shows how serious Tesla is in reaching its 100,000+ per year vehicle production goals in Giga Berlin's first year. As more details come to light about Tesla’s new factory, it’s becoming more apparent Giga Berlin is a fast-growing, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, the production capacity of which will likely be highly disruptive to other automakers.

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