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Tesla Giga Berlin Granted Permit to Build Shell from State Environmental Agency

Tesla Giga Berlin Granted Permit to Build Shell from State Environmental Agency

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Tesla (TSLA:NASDAQ) has overcome yet another obstacle to the completion of Giga Berlin in Germany. The State Environmental Agency has given another partial permit for the construction of the shell. This means that the manufacturer can build exterior walls, including for the future Casting and Press Shop.

The delay was that initially Tesla submitted documents, with a construction plan for the Casting and Press Shop with a pile foundation. In mid-August, Tesla announced that the company will get by with significantly fewer concrete piles that reach groundwater than originally planned, cutting the number of piles from the original 15,000 count down to just 500-550. Now, only the Press Shop will be built on piles; the Casting will be built using another technology. These changes came in response to the concerns of environmentalists, fearing negative implications for nature and groundwater.

In order to build the outer walls and supporting structures for the roofs, Tesla had to add and submit a new building application. And now, it is officially approved--another step towards completion of construction.

The State Environmental Agency explained that such applications can be approved in a short timeframe, since the changes do not have any further impact on the environment. Tesla can now continue construction on the already-approved foundations in the Casting and Press Shop.

Consideration of applications for the construction of Paint Shop and trees clearance is still ongoing. Review also includes consideration of the multi-day discussions with critics of the Tesla factory, which took place in September.

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