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Tesla FSD Beta 2020.40.8.13 Perfectly Handles Unprotected Left Turn

Tesla FSD Beta 2020.40.8.13 Perfectly Handles Unprotected Left Turn

Featured image: @teslaownerssv/Twitter

Cars from the Tesla fleet that have gained access to FSD Beta are showing impressive abilities. They allow vehicles to drive without driver intervention, overcoming difficult road sections and making difficult turns on busy streets. Among the new features of FSD Beta 2020.40.8.13 noticed by @teslaownerssv/Twitter was an "unprotected turn."

@teslaownerssv posted a video showing that his car is at an intersection, in a lane where a turn is not regulated by traffic lights. After Tesla gave way to a priority oncoming vehicle, which impeded its movement, the EV safely made an unprotected turn.

“Protected turns” are made at an intersection under a green directional arrow signal. When you make a protected turn, pedestrians, cyclists and other streams of traffic are held back by a red traffic signal.

Any and all turns made at intersections without the aid of a green arrow signal qualify as unprotected turns. As the name suggests, making an unprotected turn is riskier and more complicated than making a protected turn. When the turn is unprotected, you must yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before turning. Drivers should monitor opposing traffic and wait for a space large enough to move through the intersection safely.

FSD Beta being able to make such a turn--which is considered quite difficult--is a demonstration that Tesla vehicles are increasingly capable to handle various road situations and deal with them safely.

The ability of FSD to cope with difficult situations is critical, because it is in such situations, most often, that human-drivers get into accidents. If FSD proves its ability to easily negotiate the most challenging road situations, then it will win over the confidence of more customers and the broader public.

Tesla has developed the most advanced and versatile active driver assistance systems to date, which require minimal driver intervention, in the real world, and on any road. Every day, Tesla FSD is improving, bringing us ever closer to fully autonomous driving.

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