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Tesla Giga Berlin Reforestation Continues, with Plan to Replant 3X Trees as True Forest

Tesla Giga Berlin Reforestation Continues, with Plan to Replant 3X Trees as True Forest

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As soon as Tesla announced the location of its new construction site, a wave of indignation arose, as there were trees where the new factory would be. It should immediately be made clear that the trees in this area are not and were not a natural forest. Pines were planted there in order to be later cut down for the production of cardboard.

Despite the fact that the impacted trees comprised an industrial forest, Tesla undertook a commitment to plant three times the amount of trees in their stead, in the form of true forest. The Brandenburg Region Agency has found areas throughout the state for Tesla to plant new trees. And the company will plant not only pine trees but also deciduous trees, which are more valuable from an environmental point of view.

By May 2020, Tesla had planted trees on about 40 hectares of land near Bad Sarov (Oder Spree), Lower Fleming (Teltow Fleming), and south of Brandenburg an der Havel. And now, the first young trees are already growing there.

In October, Tesla began reforestation at Beeskower Platte. The Natural Space for the Generations (NfG) project from Oegelner Fließ GmbH is planting trees to compensate for deforestation near the Tesla plant.

Soon, 183,000 seedlings will be planted on 50 hectares, and their number will grow. It all started with pine trees, which should make up about 30%. Now 50,000 pine trees are planted on seven sites near Krugersdorp, Merz, and Mixdorf.

After the first frost, another 133,000 deciduous tree seedlings will be planted to create a mixed forest, which is essential from an ecological point of view. In addition, 22,000 bushes have been planted around the perimeter.

In the next few years, NfG intends to implement compensation measures from Tesla on an area of ​​750 hectares, which will contain protected pastures, wetlands and, above all, mixed forests on a total area of ​​450 hectares.

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