Tesla Registers New High-Resolution Radar Unit with FCC, Possibly for Semi, Cybertruck or Optimus

by Eva Fox June 07, 2022

Tesla Registers New High-Resolution Radar Unit with FCC, Possibly for Semi, Cybertruck or Optimus

Tesla has registered a new high-resolution radar unit with the FCC that could be used for Semi, Cybertruck, or Optimus. This registration allows the company to sell products equipped with the new radars in the USA.

Last year, Tesla phased out the use of radar in its vehicles and began making cars with cameras only. Starting from May 2021, a phased transition to Tesla Vision began. Now, its cars using this technology rely entirely on cameras and neural network processing to provide Autopilot, FSD, and some active safety features.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the conflict of data from cameras and radar can lead to emergency situations, which is why radar wwas removed or deactivated in the manufacturer's cars. However, there is one detail that should not be forgotten. He said, “Only very high resolution radar is relevant.”

On June 7, it was reported that Tesla had registered a new high-resolution radar with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and their Office of Engineering & Technology Authorization and Evaluation Divisions, as reported by several Twitter accounts that follow Tesla's development. The documents are general in nature and do not disclose any details that could indicate the characteristics of the device. However, if the manufacturer did develop a very high-resolution radar, then it could be used by the company in their vehicles to further assist in the development of FSD.

It is worth bearing in mind that while this device may be overkill for the lineup of vehicles produced today, it may be necessary for some future products. For example, it might make sense to use them in Tesla Semi and Cybertruck. These are big vehicles, so there is a possibility that an additional source for collecting information about the environment will be very useful.

In addition, there is Optimus, which, although will be a little smaller than a human, will need extra care when moving, since it will be close to people. Man is a relatively fragile creature, so if robots are present in our daily lives, they will have to skillfully move among us so as not to accidentally cause harm. In this case, Tesla Bot will need a complete set of hardware to collect the most accurate data. It does not make sense for Tesla to put multiple cameras on Optimus' body, so while the cameras are on the front, the radar can be on the back.

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