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Tesla Releases New Software Update Adding Disney +, Car Wash Mode, Russian Language & More

Tesla Releases New Software Update Adding Disney +, Car Wash Mode, Russian Language & More

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Tesla has released a new update that will add many interesting and useful features. Tesla owners now have access to Disney +, Car Wash Mode, Mirror Auto Dim, support for new languages, including Russian, and much more.

Disney +
Tesla is adding the Disney + app to its Tesla Theater in-car entertainment system. The Tesla Theater can be used by front-seat passengers when the vehicle is in park mode and on the rear-seat display in the new Model S and X while driving. Now the time spent in the car can become even more interesting and rich in pleasant viewing of high-quality content.

Mirror Auto Dim
According to Teslascope/Twitter, the new update also introduces a number of other very useful features. The company has added Mirror Auto Dim to reduce the amount of light that irritates the driver's eyes. In this case, the visibility, brightness, and other optical parameters of the mirror do not change, and the image contrast is preserved.

"You can enable or disable automatic dimming for your mirrors. To access, tap Controls> Mirror> Mirror Auto Dim."

Car Wash Mode
Another interesting and useful function is Car Wash Mode. When this mode is activated, the system closes the windows, locks the charging port, turns off the wipers, and switches to neutral, in other words, prepares the car for a car wash.

"Car Wash Mode closes all your windows, locks the charge port and disables windshield wipers, sentry mode, walk-away door locks and parking sensor chimes. For automatic car washes with conveyor belts, the Free Roll option shifts to Neutral and prevents the parking brake from automatically applying if you leave. To access Car Wash Mode, tap Controls> Service> Car Wash Mode."

Dashcam Improvements
According to @greentheonly/Twitter, this includes much higher quality video from all cameras with a resolution of 1280x960.

"Dashcam can now automatically save clips whenever your vehicle detects the occurrence of a safety event (such as an accident or airbag deployment). Recordings captured are stored locally and never transmitted to Tesla. To opt-in, tap Controls> Safety & Security> Dashcam> AUTO. To learn more about how to setup and use Dashcam, please refer to the Owner's Manual."

Range Display
In addition, the new update includes a Range Display that allows drivers to switch between battery percentages and distance units. "You can now switch between battery percentage and distance units by tapping the range display next to the battery icon."

Remain Connected to WiFi in Drive
"To remain connected to Wi-Fi when shifting into gear, tap the Wi-Fi icon> Wi-Fi Settings> Remain Connected in Drive."

New Language Support
Other nice updates include the addition of several new languages, including Hungarian, Romanian , and Russian. While Tesla has stores in Hungary and Romania, the company does not have them in Russia or any other Russian-speaking country. This step could be made due to the fact that the company has a large Russian-speaking client base or in anticipation of expanding its presence in the Russian-speaking markets. The Russian interface will be convenient for residents of such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and a number of other countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It should be noted that so far Tesla is not present in any of these countries, although it has built several Superchargers in Kazakhstan.

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