Tesla Releases OTA 2020.40.0.4 Software Update With Glovebox PIN, Charge Port Inlet Heater & More

Tesla Releases OTA 2020.40.0.4 Software Update With Glovebox PIN, Charge Port Inlet Heater & More

Recently, Tesla has released the 2020.40.0.4 Software Update. It came with a few interesting features like glovebox pin and others. Here is the full release notes provided by Teslascope

Speed Assist Improvements

Speed Assist now leverages your car's cameras to detect speed limit signs to improve the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads. Detected speed limit signs will be displayed in the driving visualization and used to set the associated Speed Limit Warning. As usual, to adjust Speed Assist settings, tap Controls > Autopilot > Speed Limit.

Priority Bluetooth Device

To avoid connecting to the wrong nearby phone, you can now set your priority Bluetooth device. Your car will attempt to connect to the priority device associated with the profile selected before it attempts to connect to other paired phones. To set your priority device, tap the Bluetooth icon on the top of your touchscreen, select your preferred phone and tap Priority Device.


Mobile App - Vent Windows

You can now vent all of your windows from the Tesla mobile app.

Note: this feature requires the Tesla mobile app version 3.10.0 or later.


Glovebox PIN

Protect the valuables in your glovebox with a 4-digit PIN. Tap Controls > Safety & Security > Glovebox PIN on the touchscreen to create your PIN.


Charge Port Inlet Heater

Your car can now use the charge port inlet heater to help defrost the inside of the charge port. The charge port inlet heater can be activated in cold ambient temperatures by enabling preconditioning using the mobile app, activating the rear defrost button on the vehicle's touchscreen, or preconditioning the vehicle using scheduled departure. 



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