Tesla Germany New Headquarter in Grünheide, Tesla-Straße

Eva Fox by Eva Fox June 26, 2020

Tesla Germany New Headquarter in Grünheide, Tesla-Straße

Today at a community meeting in Gruenheide, it was decided that the street at the main entrance on the Giga Berlin site would receive a new name: Tesla Straße, as Tesla would relocate its German headquarters to the city.

Soon, Tesla Straße will appear in Grünheide. Representatives of the municipality on Thursday evening in Hangelsberg decided to rename the street, which should be a guarantee that Tesla will move its German headquarters to the community. Minister for Economy and Energy of the state of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach, who attended the meeting, confirmed this, according to RBB24.

"There is a clear promise from Tesla that the company will move its German headquarters to Grünheide if there is such an address," said Steinbach on the sidelines of the meeting of the community representatives. "And that is also a prerequisite for the fact that all tax revenue can flow to Grünheide." So far, the American electric car manufacturer had temporarily registered in Brandenburg an der Havel.

Yesterday, June 25, the minister visited the Tesla Giga Berlin site, after which he appeared at a community meeting in Hangelsberg, although this was not planned. Because of Covid-19, only twenty guests were allowed to take a seat in the hall. The Minister discussed with citizens some questions about the changes in the region in connection with the advent of Tesla.

For example, increasing the amount of available housing, expanding roads, and changing train schedules. "If 10,000 people settle here in the region, then something will change. What you have to do is that you develop the region together so that in the end everyone says: 'Gosh, it has become more beautiful than before was," said Steinbach.

When the minister explained the significance of the new Tesla-Straße, community representatives supported it. He said that Tesla’s presence in the region plays an important role and that other states would like the American manufacturer to place their factory with them. This caused a positive reaction among those present and they began to applaud. Most citizens look forward to the development opportunities that Tesla Giga Berlin offers with its tax money to the community.

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