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Tesla Giga Berlin Visited By Brandenburg Minister Of Economics

Tesla Giga Berlin Visited By Brandenburg Minister Of Economics

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Today, Minister for Economy and Energy of the State of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach and media representatives visited the Tesla Giga Berlin construction site. 

From the very beginning, the Minister supported the construction of Giga Berlin, as the company will have a positive impact on the entire region. Previously, he remarked that overall, the whole Brandenburg region would probably be more enticing to Germany's workforce due to the upcoming electric car factory. It would, in a way, even serve as a big advertisement for Brandenburg, showing other potential companies that the region is worth investing in. Steinbach was always at the forefront while communicating with residents and environmentalists who wanted to learn more about the planned factory.

Now, when obvious progress is noticeable on the site, the Minister visited it for inspection. According to @tobilindh's photo report, he arrived on a Tesla Model X, accompanied by Model S and Model 3.

Source: @tobilindh / Twitter

At the moment, four cranes have already been assembled at the site. All construction work on the site is fast enough, neat and highly organized.

Source: @tobilindh / Twitter

@Wolfpackberlin also photographed a plan that contains some interesting details of the location. According to plan:

  1. soil storage/storage area
  2. facade work
  3. company containers
  4. parking spot
  5. public parking
  6. multifunctional area
  7. concrete mixing plant

Source: @Wolfpackberlin / Twitter

In addition to the construction of Phase 1, Tesla began serious preparations for other constructions on the site. In earlier videos and on the new one from @gigafactory_4 you can see that the southeastern region is preparing for another building, which is separated from the main one. Apparently, there is an active preparation for laying the foundation.

At the moment, Tesla cannot clear up additional sections of the pine plantation, so to save time, preparing the foundation for the future building, which will be partially located on the already cleared area, is reasonable. Assessing progress on the site, Steinbach says that “something like a shell” can already be seen in September.

Meanwhile, Brandenburg is developing a plan for preparing infrastructure and housing because of the future influx of workers for Tesla into the region. It is currently estimated that around 10,000 new residents will live in Oder-Spree. For this, it is planned to build new housing, expand roads, change train schedules, increase the number of kindergartens, and improve hospital planning.

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