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Tesla Roadrunner 4680 Battery Project & Model Y Giga Press Speed Ahead

Tesla Roadrunner 4680 Battery Project & Model Y Giga Press Speed Ahead

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In 2020, Tesla took the company to a new level by starting the development and use of new technologies. The company continues to develop 4680 tabless battery cells and manufacture Model Y using single-piece casts, for which two new facilities are under construction.

The new type of 4680 lithium-ion cells will have five times more energy, 16% more range, and six times more power than its predecessor. In order to develop a new type of battery, Tesla created a  pilot battery production line in Fremont at 47700 Kato Road and 1055 Page. The pilot line will be able to produce about 10 GWh of batteries per year in 2021, according to the company’s statement on Battery Day.

This means that Tesla's production line will become the largest battery production line in the worldand the 13th largest battery manufacturing enterprise in the world. However, in order to grow to this size, the company must expand the existing buildings in which the production is located.

In June, it became known that the company had begun expanding the buildings that housed test production. At this point, it can be seen that Tesla has made significant progress. The third floor is almost complete, and the building has many air conditioning and air purification systems, which means full production of 4680 battery cells will soon begin.

There is also high activity near the Giga Presses in Fremont, and it seems Tesla intends to build an entire building or a more durable cover that will protect valuable machines from the environment.

In May 2020, Tesla requested building permits from the City of Fremont for demolishing a car wash at the Tesla Factory, and for installing an arch-shaped metal building for casting machinery. During July 2020, relocation of electrical equipment and raising of a compressed air pipeline by six feet was required; these steps enabled installation of the drilling and tapping ("Drill & Tap") area for the "DCM1" (Die-Casting Machine) Giga Press-based casting line at the Fremont factory. At the end of July 2020, Tesla filed permit applications for construction work in preparation for Die-Casting Machine #2 (DCM2) at Fremont.

At the moment, Giga Presses are located near the General Assembly building, each of which is only partially covered. However, the activity on the site indicates that construction work has begun there. The Gabeincal's/YouTube video shows construction workers and some construction equipment near the machines. Several pits for footings were dug near DCM1.

In 2021, Tesla will again reach great achievements as the company continues to develop, and use new technologies that make its products not only among the best but also some of the most affordable.

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