Miami Mayor Suarez, Boring Company Supporter, Sees Tesla Robotaxi Launched There in 2022

Miami Mayor Suarez, Boring Company Supporter, Sees Tesla Robotaxi Launched There in 2022

Photo: Francis Suarez

Elon Musk came up with the idea of ​​creating a network of Robotaxis that can drive, park, and connect to each other using Tesla's self-driving technology. To this end, the company plans to develop its own app, in which customers can call a car or add their car to the network. It seems that the mayor of Miami agrees with the suggestion that the Tesla Robotaxi network could be launched here as early as 2022.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously said that, for an auto company to be successful, it must succeed in two fundamental technological disruptions. One is electrification, the other is autonomy. In his opinion, electrification alone is not enough. Therefore, Tesla is working hard to develop its full self-driving (FSD). Tesla's Robotaxi fleet has the technology and data to become a top autonomous ride-hailing platform. Its HW3 chip has already collected billions of miles of real world data through its neural network.

Although Tesla's FSD will soon be ready, the approval process could take several years. For now, the technology will need to be used with a driver behind the wheel to meet regulatory requirements, Loup Ventures suggests. This could be the beginning of wider adoption of the Tesla Robotaxi network and it seems that some cities are already gearing up for this.

@stevenmarkryan/Twitter hosted a poll to see when the first Tesla Robotaxi ride might take place. Thanks to @HassanAesthetic/Twitter, Mayor of Miami City Francis Suarez also took part in the poll, making it clear that the city is ready to launch Tesla Robotaxi in 2022. While the question was only about what the Mayor thinks about launching the service in 2022, his answer lets us know that Suarez would be delighted to welcome the use of this technology in Miami.

In early April, it became known that Mayor Suarez plans on using The Boring Company to build tunnels and alleviate congestion in Miami. The city has big problems with traffic jams, so the construction of tunnels would make a big difference. In March, Suarez visited The Boring Company tunnels in Las Vegas, Nevada to get a feel for the work that the company has already done, after which he expressed his desire to build even more tunnels in Miami than previously discussed. This firsthand experience with Musk's projects no doubt impressed Suarez, so it’s not surprising he would be delighted to welcome the Robotaxi fleet to Miami as soon as possible.

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