Tesla Will Launch Chaperoned Robotaxi Fleet in 2021, says Loup Ventures

by Eva Fox December 31, 2020

Tesla Will Launch Chaperoned Robotaxi Fleet in 2021, says Loup Ventures

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Although Tesla's FSD will be ready soon, the approval process could take several years. However, by the end of 2021, Tesla will be fully ready to launch the Robotaxi fleet, but for now with a driver behind the wheel to meet regulatory requirements, Loup Ventures suggests.

Over the past few years, at the end of the year, Loup Ventures has been making several forecasts for the year ahead. One of those predictions that the firm wanted to share was the expectations for Tesla in 2021.

Loup Ventures predicts that Tesla will launch a chaperoned Robotaxi fleet. They point out that the company's CEO Elon Musk has suggested Full Self-Driving (FSD) Robotaxi functionality is nearing completion, and its availability will depend on regulatory approval. The firm reckons it will take about two years for US approval. Until then, Loup Ventures expect "Tesla to ease consumers into the future with a chaperoned robotaxi fleet."

That is, the firm believes the FSD system will be ready by the end of 2021, but the earliest versions of Tesla Robotaxi will need a driver to meet regulatory requirements. Having FSD in a car will help drivers reduce stress levels and driving fatigue, and Tesla will benefit from its ridesharing brand, "by easing riders into the robotaxi age with a human behind the wheel." Loup Ventures believes that eventually the autonomous vehicle will be approved, and Tesla will be able to turn on its autonomous fleet.

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