Tesla Sales in Germany in May 2021 Accelerate, Yielding 780% YoY Growth

Tesla Sales in Germany in May 2021 Accelerate, Yielding 780% YoY Growth

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Tesla continues to develop in the German market by constantly increasing its sales. The number of the company's cars on the country's roads is steadily growing and as a result, Tesla sales in Germany in May 2021 showed an increase of 780% YoY.

Car sales in Germany began to recover from the effects of the pandemic and 230,635 passenger cars were registered in May. BEV sales also showed growth and 26,786 new vehicles were registered, according to KBA. Sales of the leader in the production of electric vehicles--Tesla--accounted for more than 10% of sales in the segment.

In May 2021, Tesla registered 2,744 vehicles in Germany, which corresponds to an impressive 779.5% increase in sales over the same period last year, when 312 units were registered. Tesla owners in Germany note that over the past year, many more cars of the company have appeared on the country's roads. This shows the growing confidence in the brand, despite the fact that Germany is home to the European auto industry, and the Germans in most cases opted for local brands.

Source: KBA

For the first five months of 2021, Tesla registered 9,302 vehicles in Germany, which corresponds to an increase of 118.3% over the same period last year, which also confirms the general attitude of Germans towards the brand. Unlike traditional automakers--which are continuing to develop and manufacture ICE vehicles--Tesla produces electric vehicles that will soon be the only vehicle type allowed for purchase in the EU, as initiatives to achieve CO2 goals accelerate. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that Tesla will occupy a leading position, both in Germany and in the broader European market for the foreseeable future.

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