Tesla Semi Covered 1000+ Miles in One Day in NACFE Testing

Tesla Semi Covered 1000+ Miles in One Day in NACFE Testing

Credit: NACFE

Tesla Semi covered over 1,000 miles in one day during independent NACFE testing. Tesla's electric trucks showed superior performance during long “Run On Less” testing in September.

PepsiCo's Tesla Semi trucks continue to be rated by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) at Run on Less – Electric DEPOT. The event started on September 1 and will last until the end of the month. It will evaluate the efficiency of all trucks per day to understand how much total electricity would be consumed if all the trucks in depots were converted to electric vehicles. There are 21 trucks in total at the event, including three Tesla Semi trucks.

Previously, the excellent results of Tesla trucks in this testing were already known, and now they are complemented by even more impressive ones. According to the website, one of the Semis (#3) traveled 1,076 miles in one day and made one delivery. This result was achieved on the 17th day of testing. The truck started its journey just after midnight with a battery state of charge (SoC) of 95 percent. That allowed it to drive 371.99 miles before stopping to recharge the battery, which had a 9.17 percent charge at about 6:45 a.m.

After about an hour of charging, the battery reached 47 percent, allowing for an additional 166 miles. Semi reached the next charging station with an SoC level of 2.6 percent. An hour-and-a-half charge allowed the battery to be charged to 88.6 percent. This allowed it to drive another 357 miles, stopping when the charge level was 18 percent. After charging for a short time, the SoC reached 51.5 percent. This allowed the final 167-mile stretch to be completed. Tesla Semi delivered the goods with 15 percent SoC.

Data analysis showed that the Tesla Semi spent 81.8 percent of its time on the road. Additionally, the truck was shown to be traveling over 50 mph 92.6 percent of the time.

Trucks are serious polluters of the environment. They make up only 1% of all vehicles on US roads, but are responsible for 18% of all vehicle emissions. That is why it is important that the trucking industry strives to decarbonize. More fleets are investing in battery-powered trucks. The Run on Less – Electric DEPOT event is designed to show the performance of electric trucks in the real world, under a variety of conditions, to give companies an idea of which is best.

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