Tesla Semi Is the Cheaper & Green Way to Deliver Goods, & Full Self-Driving FSD Will Ensure They Get There

Tesla Semi Is the Cheaper & Green Way to Deliver Goods, & Full Self-Driving FSD Will Ensure They Get There

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Cargo transportation plays a vital role in our life. Everything--from pleasant little things to critical, day-to-day staples--is delivered to us or to shops by trucks. We could all feel the particular importance of this during the pandemic. However, recently, representatives of the South Carolina Trucking Association said the industry is facing a shortage of experienced drivers, and it could be a big problem in the future.

President and CEO of the Association Richard Todd said experienced drivers are slowly leaving the industry. There are not enough new drivers to make up for this already, abc4news reports.

Todd said the number of drivers in the industry will decline by about 60,000 in 2020. He added that, by 2023, there will be about 105,000 fewer drivers in the industry. The fewer drivers available, the longer the waiting time for goods will be.

"We're going to be waiting for our stuff. We're going to be waiting for construction jobs to be done. We're going to be waiting for things to show up at our front door and we're going to slow the velocity of the entire economy because of this," said Todd.

This situation especially emphasizes the importance of starting the use of self-driving trucks as soon as possible, which in any situation, regardless of human factors, will be able to deliver goods to the designated places at the appointed time.

Tesla has been working on the development of the most advanced, full self-driving (FSD) technology for several years now, which will be able to fully take over all the functions of driving a vehicle. Testing of the new FSD Beta shows its strong superiority over any existing self-driving systems.

Tesla Semi, then, is an ideal candidate for cargo transportation. This is not only because it will have the most advanced FSD, but also because it is beneficial from an economic point of view. Its maintenance and charging cost is several times lower than any diesel truck. And furthermore, the Tesla Semi is an electric vehicle that will not pollute the environment, unlike its diesel counterparts.

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