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Tesla Giga Texas Construction Speeds Ahead as Footers, Pillars, Beams Go in, & Some Buildings Readying to Take Form

Tesla Giga Texas Construction Speeds Ahead as Footers, Pillars, Beams Go in, & Some Buildings Readying to Take Form

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Tesla plans to start operations at Giga Texas in 2021. Based on construction progress, the company is already moving towards this goal at a very fast pace. The experience gained during the construction of Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin are no doubt informing construction now in Texas.

Hundreds of footers have been installed in the northeast of the main site. We are also seeing impressive construction progress on the ground structure in this area. There is simultaneous construction of two floors. As you can see, iron pillars are used for supports. The roof frame is immediately installed on the building, which should save on the overall construction time in the future. There are significant building materials on site.

In the west, work continues on installing GeoPier and installing footers. There are already several hundred footers, which are installed on most of the entire site, stretching from north to south.

In the east, the development of recent excavations continues, in which the foundation will later be laid to further strengthen the building.

In the southeast, construction continues on a massive foundation that will provide solid support for a building that will house heavy manufacturing equipment.

In the southeast corner, at the very bottom edge, 17 massive, reinforced concrete pillars have been installed, on which two equally large beams have already been positioned. Construction work at this particular location hints that very heavy equipment will be installed here, requiring an extra-solid foundation.

In addition to impressive progress at the main worksite, there is high activity to the northeast. Several large areas that once had hills are now almost completely leveled; soon these areas will be ready for the construction of buildings. It looks like Phase 1 of construction is much more expansive than previously thought.

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