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Tesla Semi Joins Delivery Team To Bring Vehicles From Fremont For The Quarter End Push

Tesla Semi Joins Delivery Team To Bring Vehicles From Fremont For The Quarter End Push

June 29th 2020 update:

Featured image: @emanueIreyes / Twitter

2Q 2020 is a challenging quarter for Tesla because the Fremont factory was temporary halted the production over a month due to the COVID-19. Nevertheless, seems like Tesla will show high rates that will surprise us because now Semi has joined the delivery team to bring vehicles from Fremont for the quarter-end push.

Twitter user @emanueIreyes posted photos demonstrating that Tesla electric trucks are loading up Tesla cars in Fremont. These impressive shots demonstrate that Semi is ready for full functionality.

Source: @emanueIreyes / Twitter

Source: u/TheUnawareJersey / Reddit

According to earlier tweets from Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, the company has a very busy schedule as it is seeking to deliver as many cars to its customers as possible before the end of the quarter.

Despite the global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Tesla maintains stronger-than-expected supplies thanks to, among other things, the dynamics of the Chinese market, which began to recover rapidly after the first quarter.

The role of the Giga Shanghai factory is a key to achieve this success: the Tesla Model 3, manufacturing in the Chinese factory, still complies with the Standard Range Plus RWD access option; however, a few weeks ago, the Long Range RWD variant also began to roll out from the factory lines, which seems to be in high demand.

Tesla was forced to close its Fremont factory from late March to early May. But in June, sales in North America accelerated markedly, which could bring high deliveries in the 2nd quarter. Tesla is always striving to make a big boost during the end of the quarter. Now, in addition to third-party transport companies, Tesla delivers cars with the help of its Semi, which should have a very positive impact on sales figures.

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