Tesla Semi VIN Decoder Info by NHTSA Sheds Light on Current Production

Tesla Semi VIN Decoder Info by NHTSA Sheds Light on Current Production

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Tesla has started production of Tesla Semi and the first trucks will be delivered in December 2022. VIN information provided by NHTSA sheds light on the truck.

Tesla Semi is one of the company's most anticipated vehicles, as it is set to change the entire trucking industry. Experts in the field are confident that due to electric trucks, rail transport will also be affected, as enterprises will give preference to transportation in more mobile and non-polluting vehicles. The first deliveries of Tesla Semi are planned for early December 2022 and the first company to receive them will be Pepsi Co.

Meanwhile, investors and clients of the company do not have enough information about the truck, so every clue is now of particular interest. At the moment, it is known that the start of production of Semi takes place at Giga Nevada. However, this is only a temporary solution, until production facilities are installed and prepared at Giga Texas, which is now oriented on Model Y, and later on Cybertruck.

Now, thanks to information from @6463dc/Twitter and @gensao/Twitter, the decoding of the VIN of Semi has become known, which sheds some further light on the vehicle. The 2023 Model Year VIN Decoder for all Tesla models also includes VIN decoding for Semi. Each Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) consists of 17 letters and numbers assigned by the manufacturer to each vehicle. The first part is the world manufacturer identifier (WMI). It is the first three characters that describe the global symbol of the car manufacturer. This code is assigned to the vehicle manufacturer by the relevant national authority. The second part is the vehicle descriptor section (VDS). It consists of five or six characters. They contain information about the technical data and parameters of the car and are coded by the manufacturers. The last part is the vehicle identifier section (VIS). This is the car's serial number. It is usually eight characters long. The information includes the year of manufacture and place of assembly of the vehicle. The remaining digits form the subsequent vehicle batch number.

So, in the case of Semi, the VIN descriptor shows:

Digits 1 - 3: World Manufacturing Identifier
7G2 = Manufacturer: Tesla Inc., Vehicle Type: Truck

Digit 4: Make/Line/Series
T = Tesla Semi

Digit 5: Chassis/Cab Type
B = Day Cab

Digit 6: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
E = Class 8 - Greater than 14968 kg. (33,001 lbs. and over)

Digit 7: Fuel Type

Digit 8: Motor/Drive Unit/Braking System
B = Dual Drive Rear Axle, Air Brakes

Digit 9: Check Digit
To be assigned by manufacturer pursuant to 49 CFR § 565.15(c).

Digital 10: Model Year

Digit 11: Plant of Manufacture
N=Reno, NV

Digits 12-17: Unique serial number

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