Tesla September Sales in Norway & Sweden Spiked

by Eva Fox October 01, 2020

Tesla September Sales in Norway & Sweden Spiked

Featured image: @nasalahe/Twitter

Tesla's September sales in Norway and Sweden showed impressive growth. While we still don't have sales data from other carmakers, Tesla's sales figures show that the California-based automaker's cars were very popular there.

@ItalyReferendum/Twitter has released data showing that sales in Sweden reached 1,058 units in September. This is more than 4 times higher than in August. For Q3 2020, 1,307 Teslas were registered in the country, which is almost twice as much as in Q2. These data demonstrate that the local auto market has begun to recover from the effects of COVID-19.

Source: @ItalyReferendum/Twitter

According to the data received, in September, sales in Norway reached their highest value this year, at 1,439 units. Compared to August, this is more than four times growth. Overall in Q3 2020, 1,821 units were registered in the country, which is almost three times higher than in Q2.


Compared to the previous months of 2020, this number is super impressive. For Tesla, Q3 Norway also saw the biggest growth since September 2019, when 2,771 vehicles were delivered. Thus, 1439 units for September this year exceed the figures for the last 12 months.

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