Tesla Shook Up the Industry & Accelerated Processes & Decisions, Ferrari CEO Says

Tesla Shook Up the Industry & Accelerated Processes & Decisions, Ferrari CEO Says

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Tesla shook up the industry and accelerated processes and decisions, Ferrari CEO says. He believes that Tesla has become a wake-up call for the entire automotive industry.

Tesla is certainly the one who turned the automotive industry around and actually created the electric vehicle segment. Prior to the company's inception, electric vehicles were not seen as real cars capable of becoming equal to traditional combustion engine cars and were more often the subject of ridicule. Its usefulness was not considered further than that of a golf cart. However, Tesla quickly changed that and in less than 20 years of its existence, not only created electric vehicles but made them desirable, which became the key to the development of the entire electric vehicle sector.

Tesla's assertiveness and the desire of consumers to own electric cars stimulated legacy automakers to start development programs for their own EVs. Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna acknowledges this, and even shared a few praises for the company's efforts, recognizing that Tesla was the one that changed the entire industry, according to Bloomberg.

Speaking at Ferrari's Maranello headquarters, Vigna noted that Tesla is accelerating change within an industry steeped in engine cylinders, referring to the drive to develop electric vehicles. He also spoke about the fact that Ferrari will switch to batteries from internal combustion engines in their cars, emphasizing Tesla's contribution to the development and distribution of electric vehicles. Vigna said Tesla was a wake-up call for the automotive industry, shaking it up and speeding up processes and decisions.

“The big contribution that Tesla has made to the automotive industry? It was a wake-up call. Things used to happen too slowly. Tesla shook up the industry and accelerated processes and decisions. They were faster and more agile.”

He also noted that he sees Tesla cars as functional vehicles capable of taking people from one point to another. It is worth bearing in mind that Tesla's goal is to produce 20 million vehicles a year by 2030, which will replace ICE vehicles. This is exactly what will radically reduce environmental pollution and accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy.

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