Tesla Sees 65% Spike in Q3 California Sales Compared to Q2

Tesla Sees 65% Spike in Q3 California Sales Compared to Q2

Tesla's demand in California continues to recover from the effects of COVID-19. Compared to Q2 2020, demand increased by 65%.

Tesla registrations in California have rebounded from a Q2 low of about 9,800 vehicles to about 16,200 vehicles in Q3, according to research firm Cross-Sell. The research firm collates title and registration data.

Cross-Sell says that around 6,500 Model 3s and around 7,300 Model Ys were registered in Q3. Sales of Model Y exceeded the number of registrations for Model 3, which is in line with the company's expectations that their compact SUV will surpass sales of its sibling. Compact SUVs continue to gain popularity around the world; with more time, Model Y sales will likely surprise even more than sales of Model 3.

In Q3 2020, Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles, which is a very strong indicator and an all-time record for the company. While Wall Street analysts have questioned this, the company is showing confidence in reaching its ambitious 2020 delivery target of 500,000 vehicles.

Registration data may not accurately reflect the number of vehicles delivered during the quarter, as registration in the United States can take about 30 days from the date of sale. Therefore, all data presented should be considered taking this into account; in reality, the number of sales in the state may be higher than indicated.

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