Tesla Slashes Model 3 Prices in Australia Below $45,000 Before Purchase Incentives

by Eva Fox July 11, 2021

Tesla Slashes Model 3 Prices in Australia Below $45,000 Before Purchase Incentives

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Tesla has once again slashed the price of the Model 3 in Australia, making the vehicle even more affordable. Standard Range now costs US $44,850, excluding purchase incentives in some regions.

Tesla continues to make its cars more affordable whenever the opportunity arises. The Driven noticed that the prices of Model 3 in Australia were reduced again, and this time significantly. Now, the base version of the car is priced at AU $59,900 (about US $44,850), excluding the $3,000 discount in Victoria and NSW.

After paying GST, Local Stamp Duty, Local Registration Costs, Local CTP, Local Plate Fee Drive Away, the price will be AU $64,648 (about $48,390). With a $3,000 discount, buying a Tesla is even more affordable. Model 3 Long Range costs AU $73,400 (about US $54,950). The Performance version will cost AU buyers $84,900 (about US $63,550).

The NSW EV $3,000 rebate for vehicles under $68,750 (about US $51,460)—plus a stamp duty exemption for vehicles under AU $78,000 (about US $58,385)—make Model 3 Standard Range and Long Range eligible for rebate.

Tesla Model 3 is currently the best-selling electric vehicle in Australia. It is now in direct price competition with other EVs on the Australian market. However, the essence of price reductions is not to be more competitive, but to make their electric vehicles more affordable to a large number of consumers.

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