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Tesla Software Update Brings Charging Efficiency Improvements, Ability to Activate Sentry Mode in Dog Mode, & More

Tesla Software Update Brings Charging Efficiency Improvements, Ability to Activate Sentry Mode in Dog Mode, & More

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Tesla has released a new over-the-air software update that introduces a number of important improvements. Now you can simultaneously activate Sentry Mode and Dog Mode, your car has improved charging efficiency, the ability to unlock all doors was added, and a visual update was made to the media player icons.

Owning a Tesla car is getting more and more interesting year after year. Instead of releasing dozens of useless models, the relevance and value of which begin to fall immediately from the moment of purchase, Tesla went the other way. With only four models on the market, the manufacturer has made sure that they are up to date and receive most of the improvements that are in the models that came off the assembly line now. This is made possible by over-the-air (OTA) updates that deliver the latest software updates to vehicles.

Tesla has released a new software update, 2022.40.1, which brings some very interesting additions. One of the most important has been improved charging efficiency, which helps improve the efficiency of electric vehicles while charging on a non-Tesla DC fast charger. In addition, the session speed should be accelerated by updating the thermal management system to take into account the power output of each DC fast charging station. Thus, the update will allow the car to charge faster, more efficiently, and more economically in terms of costs.

“During DC fast charging, the thermal system controls have been optimized for each charging station’s power capability, improving charging and on-route battery preconditioning efficiency.”

Another significant update is the ability to activate Sentry Mode at the same time as Dog Mode. Previously, this was not possible, which caused inconvenience for pet owners who had to leave them in the car. If they wanted to leave their pets comfortably in the car, they had to sacrifice the safety of the car and its contents, including pets. Now, this is no longer a problem. Owners can turn on Sentry Mode and Dog Mode at the same time, and the alarm sounds will automatically turn off so as not to scare the pet. At the same time, if a potential problem with the car occurs, the owner will receive an alert on their phone.

In addition, driver door unlock mode has now been added. Once this feature is enabled, the owner can press and hold the lock button on the driver's side door to unlock all doors and open the trunk. If there are no passengers in the car and this function is not appropriate, from a safety point of view, you can use another option. The driver must simply press the button once without holding it, and the all-door unlock function will not work.

The changes also affected the built-in media player. It will now include radio station logos, which can make it easier to find, which is especially convenient while driving.

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