Tesla Solar Panels Become Extremely Affordable, Systems for Purchase Starting At $45/mo

by Eva Fox July 19, 2020

Tesla Solar Panels Become Extremely Affordable, Systems for Purchase Starting At $45/mo

Using solar energy to power your home and reduce dependence on the grid with Tesla solar panels has become even more affordable. The company offers solar panels at the lowest price among all national suppliers, once again reducing the cost to consumers. The Tesla solar panel systems are now starting at $6,000 or just $45/mo (after incentives).

Tesla further reduced the cost of its base 4.08 kW system to $8,200—pricing out to just $6,068 after incentives. When buying a system with a loan, the cost is $61 per month, or just $45 per month with incentives..

Source: Tesla

These changes make Tesla solar panels extremely affordable. By paying only $45 per month, the user receives a significant reduction in the cost of electricity—savings that can be budgeted elsewhere. Now on the company's website, you can choose solar panels that are ideal for you, taking into account the region of residence and the amount of the electricity bill.

Here are the new prices for other solar panels that Tesla is offering:

  • Medium 8.16 kW: $16,400 without incentives and $12,136 after incentives ($91/mo)
  • Large 12.24 kW: $24,600 without incentives and $18,204 after incentives ($136/mo)
  • Extra Large 16.32 kW: $32,800 without incentives and $24,272 after incentives ($181 /mo)


Tesla's solar business continues to grow, which in the future will make up a large portion of the company’s revenue. Many analysts and investors are making a huge mistake by underestimating this revenue stream—which, perhaps more aptly, may soon become an ocean of revenue for the company. Tesla is committed to making solar energy affordable, which is why the company is improving its products and lowering their prices. Over time, this business will grow faster and faster, as energy independence is a goal for many households.
Starting from 2020, solar panels will be a required feature on new houses in California, after the state's Building Standards Commission gave final approval to a housing rule that's the first of its kind in the United States. New standard includes an exemption for houses that are often shaded from the sun.



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