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Tesla Solar+Powerwall Powers YouTubers' Home for over 200 Hours

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Tesla’s Solar+Powerwall system was tested to the max recently by Youtubers David and Erik from DAErik. They reported lasting over 200 hours on just solar panels and their Powerwalls.

The couple set out to last without power from the grid on Saturday, October 19, at precisely 11 in the morning. Their initial goal was to last for just 127 hours, but the time went by fast and they decided to test the full power of their Tesla Solar+Powerwall system.

According to the Tesla Solar webpage, Powerwalls and solar panels can provide electricity for a typical day at home, meaning houses could be 100 percent self-powered without ever relying on the grid. Theoretically, Tesla’s website states its Powerwalls could power an entire household for 7 days straight at optimal conditions.

Erik and David set out to test that theory, and they may have proven it. They lasted off the grid for 201 hours and 22 minutes. Based on screenshots of the data they received from their Tesla mobile app, the Powerwalls provided most of their energy throughout the days.

Even though they started on Saturday, October 19, they were only 100 percent self-powered the next day, Sunday, October 20. So they lasted a total of 7 full days without power from the grid. Within that week, their solar panels provided around 35-37 percent of their power, while 58-65 percent of their daily electricity came for their Tesla Powerwalls.

After their test, David and Erik had a few notes and improvements to share with Elon Musk. The most significant constructive criticism they had was for the integration between their Tesla vehicles and their Solar+Powerwalls. On Saturday, October 26, Erik had charged his car and then forgot to unplug it, and it just kept charging.

Their Tesla Powerwalls weren’t drained, but Erik said their cars could theoretically take all the energy saved in their Powerwalls. The two think Tesla should find a way for the Powerwalls to communicate with their vehicles to prevent unnecessary loss of electricity. David noted that the Powerwalls already communicate with Tesla’s solar panels.

Earlier this year, DAErik actually tweeted their suggestion to Elon Musk, who answered immediately after seeing it. Musk stated there would be an update for Tesla car and Powerwall integration in the future.

Erik and David conducted their little experiment to see if Tesla’s Solar+Powerwall could really answer the power crisis people usually experience during a natural disaster. The YouTubers specifically talked about the millions of people in California living without power after PG&E stopped providing electricity to specific sectors in the state because of the California wildfires.

DAErik pointed out that Tesla’s Solar+Powerwall system could be a useful resource for people during any type of natural disaster, like tornadoes, hurricanes, or blizzards. They make the valid argument that power could be shut off at any time due to a myriad of reasons and with Solar+Powerwall—from Tesla or any company providing it—people can take some power—both metaphorical and literal—back in their lives.



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