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Tesla Solar Roof Ramp Is Perfect For Australia's 'Unstoppable' Rooftop Solar Market


Tesla’s international solar roof ramp is perfect for Australia’s “unstoppable” rooftop solar market. Recently released statistics about Australia’s solar market reveals that residential rooftop solar installation has remained stable for the first three months of 2020, despite COVID-19.

If demand for residential solar installations remains steady or increases, Australia will be ripe for the taking when Tesla starts ramping solar roof V3 internationally.

SunWiz—a service provider for the solar industry, released some valuable information about Australia’s solar market recently. Based on SunWiz’s data, registrations for small-scale solar systems (0-100kW) have remained steady throughout the year thus far.

Credit: SunWiz

“The residential market showed an exceptional growth, particularly in 6-8 kW segment,” said Wawrick Johnston, the managing director at SunWiz. According to Renew Economy, Johnston shared there was “noticeable growth” in the small commercial market for solar systems.

Some Australian states have even shown an increase in residential solar system installations. SunWiz estimated that the solar market overall was ahead of last year’s growth by 34%.

“In the overall distribution, the residential sector has grown overall. After last month’s fall back in most of the states, this month, all states showed a promising growth. [New South Wales] NSW retained its number one position, followed by [Queensland] QLD. [Victoria] VIC, [South Australia] SA and [Western Australia] WA all had record months,” Johnston added.

Tesla Energy already has strong ties in Australia, thanks to Elon Musk’s big battery at the Hornsdale Power Reserve. Australia is one of the countries where Tesla Energy might be as well-known as the company’s electric vehicles—if not more. With solar roof V3 tiles, Tesla could stand to take a good chunk of the growing residential solar system market.

In mid-February, Elon Musk hinted that Tesla's solar roof ramp could expand to the international market by late 2020. One Tesla enthusiast in Australia shared that Tesla already started accepting Solar Roof V3 reservation orders.

Based on Tesla’s recent actions concerning solar roof, the company’s zeal for its residential solar systems has returned in full force. For the past few months, Tesla has been able to meet its deadlines for its EV production. Tesla might continue that streak for its solar roof V3 ramp. So, Tesla's Solarglas Roof may indeed arrive in Australia before the end of this year.

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