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Tesla China Model 3 Achieves New Sales Record Of 14,954 Units, 23% Of China’s EV Market In June

Tesla China Model 3 Achieves New Sales Record Of 14,954 Units, 23% Of China’s EV Market In June

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In June, the new energy vehicle market (China) showed a negative growth of 34.9% year-on-year. However, Tesla’s sales increased by 35% sequentially and ranking #1 best-selling in the new energy vehicle category. It is now accounting for 23% of pure electric vehicle sales.

Tesla, an American electric car manufacturer, in June sold 14,954 of Shanghai-made Model 3 in China, up 35% from the previous month, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). Tesla completed the month, taking 23% of total electric car sales in China.

According to CPCA, in May Tesla sold 11,095 cars, and 3,635 units in April. CPCA uses a different counting method than Tesla’s deliveries. Nevertheless, the results of their calculation show that Tesla was able to sell 29,685 vehicles in China in 2Q 2020.

Despite the difficulties associated with the epidemic of coronavirus, auto markets both in China and around the world demonstrate a high interest in electric vehicles from the California automaker.

July 2, Tesla (TSLA) announced that it produced 82,272 cars and delivered 90,650 units in the 2Q 2020. According to the data received, we can clearly see that China accounted for about 30% of all delivered cars.

The company said it had successfully returned production to its previous levels, despite being suspended for more than a month in this quarter due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Analysts had expected lower numbers, but Tesla once again proved that it was able to do what others consider incredible.

In its Q1 earnings update this year, Tesla stepped back from previous directions, saying it had “installed capacity” to reach 500,000 car deliveries in 2020. According to the data received, the company, for the first 2 quarters (which were the most difficult, because the company's plants were shut down for a long period), it was already able to deliver about 200,000 cars. Most likely, in Q3 and Q4 Tesla will be able to produce and deliver 300,000 cars without problems, which will correspond to the company's initial forecast.

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