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Tesla Sold 15,484 Model 3 in China in January, Indicating Strong Production & Export Growth

Tesla Sold 15,484 Model 3 in China in January, Indicating Strong Production & Export Growth

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Tesla continues to develop in China by increasing production capacity for Model 3. At the moment, Giga Shanghai has already started producing right-hand drive versions of Model 3, which will increase the total share of exported vehicles, and Model Y, which began delivering in January. In parallel, Tesla registered 15,484 Model 3 sales in China in January, 2021.

According to Tesla's Q4 2020 Earnings Report, the company has achieved a production capacity of more than 5,000 Model 3s per week. This means that in January, Giga Shanghai produced over 22,000 Model 3s, which is a pretty conservative figure.

"We ramped Model 3 in China to over 5,000 cars per week."

According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla sold 15,484 Model 3s in China in January, 2021, which is lower than the previous month, but reflects that the company produced about 7,000 or more units for export. Throughout January, at the Giga Shanghai parking lot, we saw thousands of Model 3s which were produced for export. At the moment, it is not known for which countries they were produced, however some of them had a steering wheel on the right side.

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In mid-January, changes were noticed in the configurator for a number of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Instead of the previously offered interiors, another one has now appeared. The new interior is in line with what is now available only on the new, made-in-China Model 3. The Fremont-made Model 3 has a different design.

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Delivery times for vehicles vary depending on the country of delivery. So, in Japan, the first batch of MIC Model 3 will be delivered in February, while in Australia and New Zealand the delivery time is 9-12 weeks. This timeline indicates that the first batch of RHD Model 3s produced in January, 2021 will be sent to Japan.

Assessing the overall production capacity of Giga Shanghai, it appears that the factory produced more than 23,000 Model 3s in January, although more precise figures will become known after information on the number of vehicles exported is revealed.

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