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Tesla Sold 74,402 Giga Shanghai-Made Vehicles in February, Up 31.65% YoY

Tesla Sold 74,402 Giga Shanghai-Made Vehicles in February, Up 31.65% YoY

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Tesla sold 74,402 cars made in China in February 2023, showing a good result. The company sold 31.65% more Giga Shanghai-made electric vehicles than a year earlier and 13% more than in January.

The China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) released China vehicle sales data for February 2023. According to the data, Tesla sold 74,402 electric vehicles (EVs) manufactured at Giga Shanghai. This shows a growth of 31.65% more than the same period a year earlier, and 13% more than in January. At the moment, data on how many Model Ys and Model 3s were sold is not known. This and detailed information on the number of domestic sales and exports will be available in a few days.

Decreasing prices for Tesla cars have spurred sales growth worldwide, however the factory needs time to ramp up production. According to rumors, Giga Shanghai was aiming to increase production to around 20,000 vehicles a week in February and March to keep up with demand. After lowering prices for the entire line of vehicles, the company received tens of thousands of orders and even had to increase delivery wait times.

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