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Tesla Solves Shortage of Skilled Workers for Giga Berlin with Self-Training

Tesla Solves Shortage of Skilled Workers for Giga Berlin with Self-Training

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Tesla has solved the problem of a shortage of skilled workers at Giga Berlin to start production at full capacity. The largest private employer in Brandenburg uses a variety of methods, including self-training for its employees.

Tesla is challenging the shortage of skilled workers in Grünheide. Offering thousands of jobs, the manufacturer uses many methods to overcome this complexity. Currently, Giga Berlin has already employed 10,000 people and is one of the world's largest factories for the production of electric vehicles.

When in 2019, Elon Musk announced the construction of a factory in Germany, he expected to find a highly skilled workforce there. However, it was not easy to fill 12,000 jobs with skilled workers. In order to solve complexities like this one, Tesla uses various methods, according to RBB. One of them is to give a chance to people who have not previously held similar positions and if they perform well, then they get a job and further promotion; if they perform poorly, then they leave the company of their own free will.

Another method of dealing with the shortage of skilled workers is to hire employees from non-industrial sectors. Tesla provides job opportunities for former hairdressers, bakers, and waiters who can do relatively simple assembly line work. According to Jochem Freyer, head of an employment agency in Frankfurt an der Oder—which has already successfully placed more than 1,300 unemployed people at Tesla—unskilled people can also be employed in manufacturing and logistics.

Proximity to Berlin and Poland is also paying off for Tesla, according to the report. There, the company can attract a variety of specialists to provide itself with the necessary specialists.

In addition, Tesla is investing in dual learning programs to secure its future workforce. The company partnered with regional universities and hired 130 interns last year. According to the report, Tesla plans to host up to 180 internships annually starting this year.

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