Tesla Donates Food & Water for Texans Hit by Winter Storm, Tesla Community Helps Distribute

Tesla Donates Food & Water for Texans Hit by Winter Storm, Tesla Community Helps Distribute

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Texas was recently hit by a sudden winter storm that left millions of homes without electricity and water. In this difficult situation for the region, Tesla and the Tesla community again have come to the rescue, supplying people with vital food and water.

Austin, Texas, where Tesla's largest Gigafactory is being built, was hit by a winter storm like other parts of the state. The area where the new factory is located—Del Valle—has a high percentage of an underserved population. Also, due to the fact that local shops cannot provide enough food and water, local residents are in a very difficult situation.

In order to feed thousands of residents across the region, a non-profit coalition—the Del Valle Community Coalition (DVCC)—with Tesla and the Tesla community, organized a fundraiser to supply and distribute essential food items and water to exhausted local residents.

Tesla has sponsored the purchase and delivery of food and water to various locations in Austin and the Del Valle area for several days now. With the same giving spirit in mind, Tesla club members continue to collect donations to help Texans in this difficult time, and take part in organizing the process of distributing the food and water.

Tesla continues its policy of supporting those in dire need of help. Its CEO Elon Musk values treating people with care and is acutely worried when folks do need help. For example, last year, when Louisiana was hit by one of the worst storms ever to hit the United States—Laura—which devastated entire communities, the Musk Foundation made a donation to support people in dire straits.

During the rampage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tesla repeatedly donated sets of PPE Masks & Gowns to hospitals in order to support the country's medical sector, which was not ready for disaster. The company also purchased and donated equipment that has saved the lives of many people. These are just a few of the long list of good deeds that Elon Musk and his companies did at a time when people were in dire need of help. And it is not surprising, since the uniting goal of his several companies is likewise to help humanity.

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