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Tesla Continues Recruiting Executive Positions for Battery Manufacturing at Giga Berlin

Tesla Continues Recruiting Executive Positions for Battery Manufacturing at Giga Berlin

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Tesla is committed to producing batteries in-house so that it does not depend on third-party suppliers in the future. However, for the implementation of this plan, some patience is a virtue, as mass production will not start until 2022. During Battery Day, Tesla CEO Elon Musk once again confirmed that battery production will also be located in Giga Berlin.

The initial recruitment of staff for the production of battery cells at the European factory began in early August. The company was looking for: Process Engineer, Cells; Manager Quality, Cells; Equipment Development Engineer, Cell Manufacturing; Technical Program Manager, Cells; and Cell Process Engineering, Process Engineer, Cells.

Now, SVP, Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla, Drew Baglinohas announced the recruitment of three more positions related to leadership positions in the company's battery business.

Operational Leader, Cells
The cell operational leader will be responsible for meeting production forecasts and driving continuous improvement through the manufacturing process. They will provide hands-on support, leadership, and direction to the operations team. This role will ensure quality and safety of the operation while driving continuous improvement of manufacturing. The ideal candidate strives to create an environment that is productive, encourages open communication, and strives to foster a collaborative environment that is exciting and fun.

Cell Shop Senior Leader
The cell shop senior leader will lead Tesla's cell production and engineering organizations. They will provide hands-on support, leadership, and direction to ensure production forecasts are accomplished and manufacturing expansion projects are delivered. This role will drive continuous improvement across manufacturing (e.g. output, quality, yield, cost) while bringing first-in-the-world equipment, process, and product to mass scale.

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Cells Engineering
The ideal candidate has a proven track record of building new teams and leading complex, high-volume manufacturing projects in areas like cell/battery production, semiconductors, integrated circuits, displays, etc. This role will lead engineers to design, development, commission, and ramp high-throughput manufacturing lines. This is a cross-functional role that requires coordination between many different groups within and outside of Tesla.

Tesla's battery factory in Giga Berlin is set to become one of the largest of its kind in Germany. “It will play at least in the CATL factory league,” said Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy, Jörg Steinbach.

In Germany, Tesla will manufacture battery cells using new technology--the 4680 tabless cell. “We don't have an affordable car,” said Elon Musk. “We will have that in the future. But to do that we have to bring down the cost of the batteries."

This will be possible thanks to several components:

  • cell design
  • cell factory
  • anode materials
  • cathode materials
  • cell vehicle integration

Improvements in each of these areas will allow the company to reduce the $/kWh cost of producing batteries by a massive 56%, compared to current prices.

The new 4680 tabless cell, has five times more energy, enables 16% more range, and harnesses six times more power than 2170 cells. It also lowers the dollar-per-kilowatt hour cost of the battery by 14%. That is, the larger form factor is key, as it gives the battery significant advantages, and costs less to manufacture. Although all technologies will be released in 18-36 months, Tesla retains its technological leadership in the industry, continuing to challenge traditional car manufacturers.

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