Tesla MIC Model Y Deliveries Have Begun, Fans in China Ecstatic

by Eva Fox January 18, 2021

Tesla MIC Model Y Deliveries Have Begun, Fans in China Ecstatic

Photos: Tesla China

Today Tesla began the first official deliveries of its China-made Model Y compact crossover, another milestone in the company's development within the world's largest car market.

In a ceremony held at several Tesla stores in Shanghai, the first owners received their Model Y. After the ceremony of handing over the first cars, the Model Y will now also be shipped to other cities in China to deliver them to customers as quickly as possible.

Model Y is a compact, high-performance and highly intelligent SUV offering users a full range of experiences in terms of appearance, interior, practicality, and safety. The combination of these characteristics makes it a highly desirable vehicle in the Chinese market.

The heightened interest in the new Tesla model is difficult to deny since all the company's stores are overcrowded daily with customers who want to test it out. The first deliveries began 18 days after the opening of sales, and will be carried out gradually, depending on the time of order. At this point, any orders placed now will only be completed in Q2 2021.

Giga Shanghai is China's first foreign-owned car project, and Tesla's first overseas manufacturing base, driving the acceleration of the world's transition to sustainable energy. In addition to introducing new car models, Tesla will continue to invest in China to advance the construction of basic services and charging networks, update service models, and provide consumers with an unforgettable electric travel experience.

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