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Tesla Starts Delivery of Refreshed Model S in Canada

Tesla Starts Delivery of Refreshed Model S in Canada

Photo via Drive Tesla Canada

The first refreshed Tesla Model Ss in Canada were spotted at several of the country’s delivery centers last week, suggesting that they would begin delivery soon. Last weekend, the company indeed officially launched the delivery of the refreshed Model S in the country, which became the first outside the U.S. to receive the long-awaited, awesome vehicles from Tesla.

Several Canadian blogs reported last week that a refreshed Tesla Model S had arrived in Canada. Their readers sent photos from different cities of the country, in which the brand new cars were captured. The delivery centers appear to have been finalizing the vehicles and documents, and within a few days, the first deliveries were made.

On September 21, Drive Tesla Canada announced that the first customers received their 2021 Model S, marking the official start of deliveries to Canada. According to the report, the first delivery was made last weekend. On Saturday night, one of Tesla's customers became the first owner of a refreshed Model S in Canada. The delivery of the Midnight Silver Metallic Model S Long Range took place in Vancouver, and the delivery center team prepared balloons for the event.

Another delivery, which became known, took place on September 21 in Calgary. According to the report, it was also the Model S Long Range. At the moment, there have been no reports about the deliveries of Model S Plaid. Drive Tesla Canada reports that it knows about several more deliveries that will occur this week, which means that on the eve of the end of 3Q, the first wave of deliveries of the new product from Tesla has officially begun in Canada.

It should be noted that Canada was the first country in the world outside of the U.S. to receive the refreshed Model S. This is not surprising, given the close proximity to the manufacturing country, because traditionally, Tesla begins the first deliveries of new products outside the U.S. to Canada. It seems that in the coming weeks, the company will make a few more of its customers—who are eagerly awaiting their Model S—very happy.

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