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Tesla Starts Delivery of Refreshed Model S & X in Norway, Opens New Showroom & Service Center

Tesla Starts Delivery of Refreshed Model S & X in Norway, Opens New Showroom & Service Center

Image: Robert O. Akander-Lima/LinkedIn

Tesla is celebrating the first deliveries of Model S and X in Norway on Saturday. The long-awaited event takes place along with the opening of the new showroom and service center in Åsane.

Refreshed Model S and Model X have recently landed in Norway to please the company's customers, who have been waiting for delivery for about two years from the date of order. The presentation-delivery event took place on December 17 at Tesla's new location in Norway. On that day, the manufacturer also opened the doors of a new showroom and service center in Bergen-Åsane, Tesla Norway's Event Coordinator Robert O. Akander-Lima shared via his LinkedIn account.

On December 12, the manufacturer began sending messages to some of its customers, inviting them to receive delivery on December 17. Similar messages were sent out in various cities throughout Norway. However, actual deliveries to some customers started a few days earlier. Most likely, none of them shared information publicly or it was not noticed during the search for information to write this article.

According to Tesla's vehicle registration site in Norway, Teslastats, the first vehicle delivered to the country was a Model X Plaid, and it was delivered on December 14. The data also showed that 19 Model X Plaid, 4 Model S Plaid, and 1 Model S Long Range had already been registered from December 14 to 17. Thus, to date, Tesla has delivered 24 Model S and Model X to customers in Norway.

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