Tesla & Singapore Lay the Groundwork for New Supercharging Network

Tesla & Singapore Lay the Groundwork for New Supercharging Network
Tesla has had a strained relationship with Singapore. The city-state has not previously supported the development and implementation of electric vehicles. But, the appearance of a list of Tesla vacancies for various positions in the country indicated that the company had found a compromise with Singapore, and was preparing to enter the country's market. Tesla is now planning to create its own Supercharger network in Singapore.

In late July, Tesla had announced the hiring of five positions: Vehicle Service Technician, Vehicle Readiness Specialist, Parts Advisor, Service Advisor, and Service Manager. This was the first sign of a change in the relationship between Singapore and Tesla. In September, Tesla announced the recruitment of three more positions: Vehicle Operations Specialist, Store Leader, and Customer Support Specialist.

After the key sales and customer service positions were opened, Tesla continued its employee search by announcing the recruitment of a Charging Manager - Charging Infrastructure in Singapore. The creation of a branded network of charging stations is, for obvious reasons, one of the critical steps in the company's entry into the market.

Charging Manager - Charging Infrastructure
The primary function of this role is responsible for strategic planning, execution and management of Tesla charging networks across Singapore. Leading a team to provide customers with comprehensive charging solutions including but not limited to home charging, public charging, third-party charging and Supercharging. Leading the team to effectively implement the selection and installation of charging schemes through the strategic planning of the charging network, and fully meet the energy needs of customers in the area.

By 2030, the Singapore government plans to deploy 28,000 government-owned charging stations, up from 1,600 now, to help boost the expansion of electric vehicles in the country. However, Tesla is the only manufacturer to deploy its own network of charging stations for use by the company's customers. In early November, the company crossed an important milestone by installing over 20,000 charging stalls around the world.

In February 2020, the Finance Minister of Singapore said that the city-state plans to follow the lead of other countries and aims to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, making a bigger bet on electric cars as part of its efforts to cut greenhouse gases and fight climate change.

Singapore's electromobility policy has changed. In addition, city-state residents have been asking Tesla CEO Elon Musk for years to make it possible for them to purchase Tesla vehicles. Most likely, these factors greatly influenced Tesla's plans to enter the Singapore market.

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