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Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Testing of Model Y Production Lines

Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Testing of Model Y Production Lines

Photo: Drive Tesla Canada

The construction of Giga Berlin is almost complete and Tesla has started testing equipment and production processes. Pictures from inside the factory show that testing is in an active phase, which means that the start of mass production can begin immediately, after receiving the final environmental permit.

Tesla received another preliminary approval from the State Environmental Agency a few days ago. It includes authorization to test the functionality of the systems in the Paint Shop, Casting, and Body in White. New images received by Drive Tesla Canada from an anonymous source show that Tesla is wasting no time and has already begun active testing of production processes.

In one of the photos, we can see the two right-side parts of the Model Y body. It seems that the photo captured the testing process, as one of the parts is held by robots.

Source: Drive Tesla Canada

Another photo is taken from above and we can get a broader view of what is happening on the production line. Robots are actively working and moving at least three single-piece ends for Model Y.

Source: Drive Tesla Canada

These images also hint that Tesla has begun testing Giga Press. Single-piece parts may also have been shipped from the US or China, although this seems unlikely. Since the company got permission to start testing at Casting as well, it seems logical that the parts were produced there.

It should be noted that test production should not be viewed as the immediate launch of mass production. That is, this is not a trial operation, since any car parts manufactured during the tests are not samples for possible future use, but in fact are unusable.

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