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Tesla Starts Model Y Deliveries in Mexico

by Eva Fox September 02, 2020

Tesla Starts Model Y Deliveries in Mexico

Featured image: Carlos Guerrero/Twitter

Tesla Model Y deliveries began well ahead of schedule. About 30,000 units have already been sold so far, and in July, Model Y was the 3rd best-selling car in the world.

The US and Canada were the first and only countries to receive their Tesla crossover deliveries. Asian countries will only be able to receive delivery after Giga Shanghai starts production. And Europeans are waiting on Giga Berlin's completion to get their hands on the Y.

However, in mid-July, Mexico had the opportunity to order Model Y. At that time, the configurator on Tesla's website showed a delivery date of 8 to 10 weeks, reported Drive Tesla Canada

Carlos Guerrero/Twitter today shared the news that the first Model Y deliveries to Mexico have officially begun.

Model Y is now available throughout North America, further enhancing Tesla's global influence. The all-electric crossover is in one of the most sought-after vehicle segments, and has the potential to become the most popular electric vehicle in the world.


Ongoing improvements in manufacturing and battery cell efficiency will gradually reduce the cost of Model Y, ultimately further bolstering the already sky-high demand.

H/T @alexcatrey/Twitter


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