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Tesla Straße Is Officially Opening at Giga Berlin

Tesla Straße Is Officially Opening at Giga Berlin

Tesla Giga Berlin has already greatly energized Brandenburg, and will continue to positively impact life in the region. Tesla Straße, the street on which the factory is located, was officially opened today. Straße is German for street. We personally like the sound of "Tesla Way."

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At the end of June, during a community meeting in Gruenheide, it was decided that the street at the main entrance on the Giga Berlin site would receive a new name: Tesla Straßе. Representatives of the municipality decided to rename the street, which all but guarantees that Tesla will move its German headquarters to the community.

"There is a clear promise from Tesla that the company will move its German headquarters to Grünheide if there is such an address," said Steinbach on the sidelines of the meeting of the community representatives." And that is also a prerequisite for the fact that all tax revenue can flow to Grünheide."

Today, @Gf4Tesla / Twitter, reported that the "Tesla Straße" was officially opened. He told Tesmanian that the ceremony was attended by the local press and the public order office of Grünheide. Now the street sign is located at the entrance to Giga Berlin, and the factory will have the address: Tesla Straße, 1.

Tesla's establishment in the region is expected to grow the surrounding area, including housing and transportation infrastructure, says Brandenburg Minister of Economy Jörg Steinbach. "If 10,000 people settle here in the region, then something will change. What you have to do is that you develop the region together so that in the end everyone says: 'Gosh, it has become more beautiful than before was," said Steinbach.

German citizens can look forward to the development opportunities that Tesla Giga Berlin will secondarily extend to the community via tax revenue. The plant's 10,000 jobs will also allow many people the convenience of working close to home.


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