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Tesla Supercharging Network in UK Ranks 1st Place in Every Category

Tesla Supercharging Network in UK Ranks 1st Place in Every Category

None of the automakers have anything like the Tesla Supercharger network. This growing infrastructure is one of the key benefits for all Tesla's car owners. Having access to a proprietary network of chargers located in such a large number gives customers confidence that the range for their electric vehicle is not an obstacle.

To reflect the ever-evolving nature of all things related to the car, British auto magazine Auto Express, for the first time in its history, presented a summary of the most accessible public places for charging electric vehicles and conducted a survey that identified the provider that provides the best services at its charging stations .

Such great attention to the quality of charging stations is due to the fact that the ability to make long trips on an electric car remains a stumbling block for many potential buyers of electric cars, so knowing which company provides the best service indicates which chargers you should look for in the future.

Auto Express asked EV and plug-in hybrid owners to rank each public chargepoint providers in four key areas: how easy their chargers are to use; how much they cost; how fast they can top up a car’s batteries; and how much you can depend on the chargers to work. Further, all these estimates were used to calculate the overall position of each firm.

The top 10 chargepoint providers 2020

  1. Tesla - 92.94%
  2. Instavolt - 85.11%
  3. ChargePlace Scotland - 81.36%
  4. Shell Recharge - 79.44%
  5. Pod Point - 79.24%
  6. Polar - 79.14%
  7. Engenie - 78.65%
  8. GeniePoint - 76.93%
  9. Charge Your Car - 76.23%
  10. Ecotricity - 64.05%

Source: Auto Express

A stunning result for Tesla, whose Supercharger network ranks first in each category and as a result is the best supplier of Chargepoint Driver Power 2020. Tesla's customers are really satisfied with the company's charging network that meets their needs, which is why it occupies the highest position in the rating.

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