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Tesla Supercharging Usage In NA Reaches Pre-C19 High, Hints Stronger Quarters Down The Road

Tesla Supercharging Usage In NA Reaches Pre-C19 High, Hints Stronger Quarters Down The Road

Yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk released Tesla's Supercharging usage global data, in which we can see a strong economic recovery in North America. Data shows that North American Supercharging usage is now at pre-Сovid high. 

North America’s (NAM) Tesla Supercharger usage nosedived in early March from above 80% to a little below 40%. Such a fall was associated with the coronavirus pandemic, due to which people stayed at home for a long time. The usage of Superchargers in the NAM region gradually began to grow in mid-April.

By May, Tesla Supercharging usage in North America exceeded 40% and reached 60% by the end of May. In the second half of June, indicators recovered to 80% and continued rapid growth. So, from June 26 to July 4, the usage of Superchargers in the region fully recovered to its pre-Сovid high, reaching 100%.

Europe is currently a little behind, but most likely the usage of Superchargers will fully recover within a week. China and Asia-Pacific regions have also almost fully recovered.

In general, the data demonstrate that Tesla's key markets are ready to return to their usual way of life after fighting an outbreak of coronavirus. Now the growth of Tesla's park and the constant usage of vehicles for trips that guarantee a stop at the Superchargers will continue.

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