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Tesla Supercharger Global Data Hints At Strong Economic Recovery Following Pandemic


Tesla's recently shared Supercharger usage global data hints at a strong economic recovery in regions that are recovering from the effects of the pandemic. The data, which was shared by CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, bodes well for the company's vehicles and how much owners are using them following the lockdown periods that have been adopted across the globe.

Musk's Supercharger usage graph represented global charge sessions from May 2019 to the present. The past year has seen a spike in Tesla's fleet as the company ramped the Model 3 to China, the Asia-Pacific region, and in Europe. This could be seen in the upward trend in Supercharging sessions, at least until the coronavirus outbreak hit this year, which caused a deep dive in charging sessions.

Interestingly enough, Supercharger sessions have returned to normal for China and the Asia-Pacific region, hinting that these areas are returning to normalcy. A look at the data shows that China is back to around 90% of its previous trend, and the same is true for APAC, whose Superchargers sessions seemed barely affected by the pandemic. Even the United States and Europe, both of which are still down today, are starting to recover.

Tesla's Supercharger data revealed several vital points. For one, it showed that China recovered quickly from the virus, as Tesla owners in the country started using their vehicles normally right after the government-mandated lockdown earlier this year. Supercharger usage in China has begun rising again, hinting at a growing consumer base for Tesla's electric cars.

The fact that the APAC region, which for Tesla translates to markets such as South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand, barely flinched this year also suggests that Tesla owners are barely affected by the onset of the virus. Some APAC nations such as New Zealand have successfully contained COVID-19 effectively, and thus, it appears that Tesla owners did not see much disruption in their Supercharging habits.

If there is one thing that is truly highlighted by Tesla's global Supercharger usage trends, it is the fact that the company's key markets are poised to return to normalcy after the coronavirus outbreak is dealt with. And after this is done, the growth of Tesla's fleet and the vehicles' constant use for trips that warrant a stop at a Supercharger will continue.

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