Tesla Becomes First Private Company in China Permitted to Build Superchargers in Select Highway Service Areas

Tesla Becomes First Private Company in China Permitted to Build Superchargers in Select Highway Service Areas

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger network in China. This time the company received the unique right to build its Superchargers in the road service area. Tesla is the first privately-owned company in China to receive this approval. All chargers found in similar locations have so far belonged exclusively to the Chinese government.

The new Tesla V2 Supercharger is located in Huzhou. The construction of the charging station at this location reflects the excellent work of Tesla China's team, which is committed to doing everything it can to improve the vehicle ownership experience. The location was officially opened recently.

In early October, a new location was also opened in the road service area. The new Tesla V3 Supercharger is located in Sichuan Chengdu.

Obtaining permission to build charging stations in road service areas is a great privilege, and demonstrates the Chinese government's favor for Tesla. This in turn helps the manufacturer to further develop in the Chinese market, while the government is also able to succeed in increasing NEVs (new energy vehicles) on the country's roads.

The expansion of infrastructure goes hand in hand with the growing demand for the company's vehicles in China. In early November, Tesla China announced that the company will proceed with the construction of almost 650 new Supercharging stations. Tesla China estimates that more than 7,000 stalls will be installed by the end of 2020, covering major cities and intercity roads across the country. Of these, about 5,000 will be DC charging stations and an additional 2,000 are slated as AC charging stations, covering more than 250 cities.

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