Tesla Tests its Cars in Extreme UAE Desert Heat

Tesla Tests its Cars in Extreme UAE Desert Heat

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Tesla tested its cars in the extreme heat of the UAE desert. The manufacturer is constantly striving to improve its cars by regularly testing them in extremely hot and cold climates.

Tesla is a completely non-typical car manufacturer. The company is constantly improving its cars as soon as it creates something better than what was used before. Tesla does not wait to release a new model year car that incorporates it, but immediately applies the improvement to cars already in production.

On Wednesday, the company published a fresh video of its cars maneuvering around the terrain of Dubai during the hot summer in the UAE. The video, which Tesla shared on Twitter and YouTube, shows the maker's quality engineers testing the cars in extreme heat, driving not only on the road but also in the sand.

According to the explanation, the testing focused on mileage accumulation and tests related to extreme heat and durability. Similar tests are also conducted in winter climates, at very low temperatures. Tesla does this to make sure its cars can perform in both extremely hot and cold conditions while giving the highest level of durability and comfort to its passengers.

The UAE was chosen because it has a very hot and humid climate. Summer temperatures reach over 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius). Meanwhile, the high humidity makes being outdoors especially exhausting.

“UAE is perfect because the climate is consistent it's always super hot, extreme humidity,” said an engineer at Tesla. “The hot climate is really challenging for the vehicle because it has to cool with the battery and the drive units and also it's really important to keep the passengers cool.”

Testing involved driving Tesla's black cars, the Model Y and Model X Plaid. This color was specifically chosen because black accumulates more heat. The cars were driven between 230 and 400 kilometers at 51 degrees Celsius amidst sand and dust storms.

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