Tesla to Soon Begin Construction on Megafactory in China

Tesla to Soon Begin Construction on Megafactory in China

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Tesla is preparing to start construction of the Megafactory for Megapack production in China. According to the plan, the construction of the 40 GWh factory should start in the third quarter of this year, and production will begin in the second quarter of 2024.

In April, Tesla announced it would soon begin building its second Megafactory. It will located in China. The company planned to begin construction in the third quarter of this year and begin production in the second quarter of 2024, according to a statement from the Lingang Special District in April. Since then, we have not heard news about the project. However, on Monday, Tesla's top executive in China gave a few new hints.

“We expect to start building the Megafactory for energy storage products in the near future, and the products will be mainly used for export,”Xinhua News Agency quoted Tesla China President Allan Wang (via CnEVPost). The announcement was made during the China International Fair For Trade in Services being held in Beijing. There, Tesla officially unveiled its upgraded Model 3 on September 1.

At Investor Day in March, Tesla released its Master Plan 3, one of the key components of which was the growth in the number of energy storage batteries around the world. The company already has one Megafactory, which produces Megapacks. It is located in the USA. However, this is clearly not enough to meet the demand, which continues to grow at a very fast pace, so the manufacturer continues to develop.

The Megapack factory in China is a great strategic move. Firstly, it will increase production, which is very important. Secondly, by producing batteries in China, they can be quickly delivered to Europe, Australia, Africa, and other countries located in the nearest regions.

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