Tesla Model 3 to Drive Over 9K Miles Using Printed Solar Panels in Australia Experiment

Tesla Model 3 to Drive Over 9K Miles Using Printed Solar Panels in Australia Experiment

Photo: Stefica Nicol Bikes/Reuters

Australian scientists, using printed solar panels, intend to make a 9,400-mile journey in a Tesla Model 3. The goal of the experiment is to get the public to take steps to prevent climate change.

Australian scientists are testing printed solar panels. They will be used to power a Tesla electric car on a 9,400-mile journey starting in September, according to Reuters. Scientists hope that this will make the public think about steps that will help prevent climate change.

As part of the Charge Around Australia (CAA) project, the Tesla Model 3 electric car will be powered by 18 printed plastic solar panels, each 18 meters (59 feet) long. The solar panels will be deployed next to the car when it needs to be recharged. Paul Dastoor, the inventor of the printed solar panels, said the University of Newcastle team will test the durability and performance of the invention for other applications as well.

"This is actually an ideal test bed to give us information about how we would go about using and powering technology in other remote locations, for example, in space," Dastoor told Reuters.

Dastoor said using panels to power a car encourages Australians to think more about electric vehicles and will help reduce their worries about range. "(The) community is seeking these sorts of answers to the problems it's being presented with, day in, day out, around climate change," he said.

The journey in the Tesla Model 3 will last 84 days. Along the way, the team plans to visit about 70 schools to introduce students to technologies that they believe will be widespread in the future. Scientists hope that Elon Musk will like the technology, as it is in line with Tesla's mission. CAA was "showing how our innovative technology is now combining with his developments to develop new solutions for the planet," Dastoor said.

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